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Snapchat’s momentum isn’t slowing, and Gatorade used a clever video filter to get over 100M views during Super Bowl. Plus Facebook Instant Articles, and 5 influencer conferences you should consider attending, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Snapchat’s Gatorade Bucket Wins the Super Bowl

Marketers everywhere dream of designing something for social media that is simple, yet personal, so that people are excited about sharing it with their friends. Gatorade nailed it, with a video “lens” that allowed people to virtually dunk a Gatorade bucket over their own heads. How’d it do? Over 100M views. It wasn’t cheap though. Estimated fee? $750,000. That win comes just as new research shows that Snapchat is only gaining momentum.

Facebook Will Open Instant Articles to All Publishers in April

Facebook announced this week that Instant Articles, once reserved for select publishers like The New York Times and National Geographic, will come to all publishers “of any size, anywhere in the world,” on April 12th during Facebook F8 conference. The main benefit: Showing your content more quickly and with less viewer hassles than many mobile sites provide today. This is another change to the publishing industry, coming the same week Yahoo announced significant layoffs to their content teams. The content business models, they are a-changin’.

5 Influencer Events to Consider Sponsoring in 2016

Trying to get more involved in influencer marketing? Three choices. Work with a specialty agency. Buy it like a specialized content media buy. Or get in there yourself and figure it out. If you choose the last option, here’s a great list of 5 influencer events you  might consider sponsoring. One caveat. If you do sponsor an event, make sure you get out of your booth and talk to these folks. We’ve been working with influencers since 2008 and they never cease teaching us things.

That’s about it. Unless you’re a true geek. If so, you’ll be as excited as our team with the news that Twitter now has GIF search. May all your tacos be dancing tacos.

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