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Snapchat Attempts to Stay Relevant and Instagram Introduces Private Photo Collections | Social You Should Know


Snapchat and Instagram have recently released new features, while YouTube expands live broadcasting to channels with 1K subscribers. All that and more in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Snapchat Snap to Store, New Lenses

Snapchat recently released a new feature called Snap to Store. The feature will allow advertisers to determine how much of their Snapchat campaign is resulting in customers being driven to their brick and mortar establishments. To do this, advertisers will need to compare who saw the Snapchat campaign against local sales info. Advertisers will share location data, but only when the app is open.

Snapchat also launched new world lenses this past week. The lenses have been around since November but are now interactive. The new feature will place animated objects in real world surrounding that will move as you move. These lens features will change on a daily basis.

Instagram Allowing Users to Save Posts to Private Collections

Instagram recently released a feature that allows Instagram users to save posts to a private collection that only they can see. The new feature is accessed by tapping and holding the bookmark icon below any post, saving it to a collection. Every post can be saved to one singular collection or can be added to a newly created folder.

YouTube Expanding Mobile Livestreaming

In the past, you needed 10k subscribers to livestream. YouTube has expanded on this to encompass people with a smaller audience. However, not everyone is able to use this feature, as you still need to have 1,000 subscribers to go live.

Also, Facebook held their F8 conference this week where they released several new announcements. We’ll be taking a minute to digest these, and will include our opinions on these in next week’s edition of SYSK.

In the meantime, we leave for our mystery trip on Thursday. Be sure to follow us on our social channels to see where we end up!

SYSK BLOG_Voicestorm Art

SYSK BLOG_Voicestorm Art

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