Organic Reach Not Really Dead? | Social You Should Know

Study: Organic Reach on Facebook Not Dead

As we were among the first in the world to document last December, Facebook’s algorithm changes have severely damaged brand’s organic reach. But a new study from Socialbakers found that brands can still organically reach about 25% of their fans each month. This is a) not per post, it’s per month b) much lower than it used to be and c) much lower than celebrities (54%) and media (58%). Research also suggests something we have been demonstrating conclusively with our clients for months: The best performing paid posts are those that first perform well organically.

Future of Retail Should Involve Social

A new report called “The Future of Retail in 2015: A Manifesto to Reinvent the Store” includes two trends for which social media and carefully deployed content programs can help. One is to “Digitize the World,” which suggests taking the best of online recommendations and reviews and bringing it in store. The other is called Recognized Recommendations. How do you let an in-store customer know they aren’t making a decision alone. Social media can help with that as well. Are you ready?

Facebook Wants You To Say Thanks

Your newsfeed is about to be littered with new “Say Thanks” videos introduced this week by Facebook. Follow this link to build your very own for a friend of your choice. I bring it up here because a) it’s sorta fun and b) it’s an excellent piece of social media marketing because it integrates something very personal (a friendship) into a branded Facebook experience. After 7.5 years of doing nothing but social media marketing, one thing has been consistently true: the best social media marketing programs trigger a personal emotion in the target audience.

And finally, I’m pleased that our blog was included in this list of “60 Must-Read Marketing, Business and Social Media Blogs for 2015.” For our blog, they wrote: Ignite Social Media labels themselves as ‘the original social media agency’ and in order to back up that claim they produce one of the most original social media blogs online. Not only does their blog provide coverage of current news and ideas, it also blends in their unique take on the latest social media marketing trends.” Thanks much.

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