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Months after rolling out ad products on Instagram and a couple weeks after confirming that business profiles were on the way, it seems like the platform is finally ready to offer some analytics. Plus, Google is back in the social game (for the 863rd time) with their new “Spaces” app for collaboration, in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Instagram Business Accounts to Have Analytics

They’re not the most advanced analytics a social media marketer has ever seen, but for the first time Instagram will have analytics included in their soon-to-launch profiles for businesses. According to leaked screenshots, the data includes follower locations by country or city, top posts (by impressions count), gender, age, new followers and follower activity by hour of the day. That’s pretty basic compared to the 1,500 columns of data provided by Facebook Insights, but it’s a start.


Google Launches New Collaboration App, Spaces

Never a brand afraid to try again on social, Google launched Spaces on desktop, iOS and Android this week. The concept is that users can easily create a Space to share information collaboratively. Cleverly, Google Search, YouTube and Chrome access are built into Spaces, which is helpful to both users and to the brand’s continued world dominance. Google has in its favor the “free” and “easy” strength it always has, but it’s entering a very crowded collaboration space. I’ll be curious to see if Google Hangouts becomes integrated, as they don’t currently appear to be.

Google Spaces

Q: Is Twitter Expanding to 163-Character Limit?

A: It appears the answer is yes and no. Leaked info reported by Bloomberg and others suggest that links and photos will no longer count toward the continued 140-character limit. Links currently consume 23 characters, even after they are shortened. That’s over 16% of the limit. You may recall that earlier this year Twitter considered a 10,000 character limit, but has since walked away from that. This is a nice compromise that allows more complete communication with no change to the fundamental experience.

Finally, if you love marketing stats, you’re in luck. First, 85% of video views on Facebook are without sound, plus I give you 44 new Twitter stats, and 43 customer experience stats. Enjoy.

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