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The Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing Continues to Rise

As we mentioned last week, content marketing budgets are continuing to increase, and with that trend so does the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns. Results from a recent RhythmOne study provide insights that the earned media value (EMV) from US influencer marketing programs was 1.4 times higher in H1 2015 than the overall average in full-year 2014. The social engagement rate of these campaigns also increase 3.4% in H1 this year, with the consumer packaged goods (CPG) food industry leading in both categories. And with mobile consumption on the rise and iOS9 content blocking on the cusp, these investments are only going to increase. Placing native ads in the form of influencer created content is one way for brands to adapt to the upcoming changes.

New Facebook Research Supports Value of a Facebook Impression

Earlier this year, in an effort to help advertisers determine exactly how Facebook ads impact their businesses, Facebook expanded their measurement capabilities with Conversion Lift. Now, data has been released informing businesses that 90% of people who saw a Facebook ad and purchased in store never even clicked the ad. To add to that, 21% of web conversions were missed when relying on cookie-based measurement. Conversion Lift has become a solution for businesses by providing cross-platform, accurate and actionable data that helps advertisers make more informed marketing decisions. These insights seem to be helping, as’s latest data deems Facebook as the #1 traffic source for news, accounting for 43% of referral traffic driven to media sites compared to Google (38%).

Millennial Moms Value Nutrition, Word-of-Mouth, Over Price and Convenience

This week parents both rejoiced and despaired as their children headed into the new school year. While school supplies began disappearing from shelves, Influenster polled more than 5,500 of its members to gain insights into their grocery-shopping habits for their children’s lunches. These millennial moms revealed numerous insights that marketers should leverage. For example, moms value the importance of a nutrition over price. However, the most important insight states that nearly 80% of moms picked word-of-mouth as the most influential factor in their buying decisions, followed by online reviews and social media.

And before we head into the week, a shout out to our clients at Staples and Lowes. Both brands were both features in this list of Brands That Are Surprisingly Fun on Social.

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