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Mobile Traffic Dominates, Social Spreads It

39 of the top 50 digital news sites now get more than half of their traffic from mobile according to new research. But desktop visitors generally stick around on the site longer, which implies a deeper connection. 10 of the 50, however, have mobile visitors spending more time. Perhaps they just have a better mobile experience than the others? We may know more soon, as Buzzfeed has announced a new platform they have that tracks content through all sharing (even private shares, like Gchat). What they found is that sharing skips across networks somewhat erratically. Given this, we need a way to produce good content at scale and get it to spread across the social web. Carusele anyone?


Pin Through a Tool? Finally

Pinterest has finally launched their Marketing Developer Partners programs and many of the best social media management tools are included, such as Expion, Curalate, Sprinklr and Buffer. This means that we’ll be able to schedule and post Pins like we can for many other social networks. In addition, they are now testing their Ads API to allow for more creative uses of Pinterest as an ad platform. At Ignite, we got a client into the Pinterest pay-per-click beta. We’ve had really strong success with it. Pinterest may be a very natural source of promoted content, much like Google has been for a decade.


Speaking of Promoted Content…

…Twitter removed the yellow icon that indicated that a tweet was promoted. While ads used to look like this, they now look like this. No word yet if it will increase ad performance. …New research about Facebook video was not encouraging. The data suggests that people are much more likely to buy after a TV exposure than a FB exposure. Whether that’s the medium (Facebook) or the content (marketers) to blame is yet to be determined.

As we head into the week, take a look at this new Doritos campaign for a new product called Roulette. Ridiculously spicy chips are mixed in with normal chips, and you take your chances as you bite into them. One small part is a Periscope promo where viewers can win prizes. Simple, but a potential interesting low budget way to test that new platform.

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