Foursquare Adds Paid Ads; Will Instagram Move to the Web; Tricks You Can Do on Facebook

I hope you had a great week. As you sip your coffee and peruse the web on this fine Saturday, let’s recap with three cool social media things I found this week that I thought were worth sharing:

Foursquare Now Has Paid Ads

If you have physical locations and use Foursquare to get your customers to check-in, Foursquare has a new way for you to raise your visibility – for a price, of course.

This week, Foursquare rolled out “Promoted Updates,” which will be targeted to users who have friends who come to your location or have added that location to a list or who visit similar locations. Gap, Best Buy, Walgreens and Hilton are among those trying it out first. Others should be able to do it in the next few months.

12 Facebook Page Functions You Might Not Know

Facebook has lots of features that you may not have noticed, like editing comments, allocating different roles to admins and 10 more. This post has plenty of pictures so it’s a quick read and a great reminder of Facebook tricks that we use all the time at Ignite Social Media, but feel that others could benefit from knowing about. It’s also been hugely popular on our blog this week.

Will Instagram Have a Web Version?

Instagram is wildly popular among teenagers right now but, in a sign how much the digital world loves apps, you can’t use their website to see your photos. While sites like Statigram and Webstagram allow you to do so, Instagram does not. Now, it appears they are considering it. Why? When page views mean revenue, and Facebook (Instagram’s new owner) is having disappointing financial results, pressure to make this move is logical. This may even result in a new place for brand pages perhaps, but that is my speculation.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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