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Marketers put more emphasis on personalized content and Twitter presents a huge opportunity for gaming and entertainment brands.

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Facebook Reach Continues to Drop

According to a new study by SocialFlow (of over 3K Facebook pages), organic reach has dropped 42% since January, after holding steady during much of 2015. If you didn’t believe it before, the age of “Pay-to-Play” is officially upon us, at least when it comes to publishing content on Facebook Brand Pages.

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Marketers Focus Personalization to Drive Engagement

New research from eMarketer this week shows US marketers are trying to better engage audiences with more personalized content and messaging. Passion Points have always been the key to engaging audiences in the social space, now it seems the marketing world is waking up to how messaging that speaks directly to the end user can support brand engagement across all marketing channels.


Twitter is to Gaming, As Pinterest is to Cooking

E3, one of the world’s largest annual gaming conferences, will be held this week in Los Angeles, and if your brand plans to be there you better plan to be on Twitter in a big way – according to Twitter, of course. Some interesting insights were released this week by the network on how gamers use the channel, especially during conferences like E3 when gaming brands tend to make the biggest announcements of the year:

  • Gamers who Tweet spend more money on games and half of them bought a console in the last 12 months.
  • They follow game and console handles on the network to keep up with the latest news and trends.
  • Major conversation spikes following announcements, trailer drops and game releases.
  • A whopping 30% of all conversation about a game occurs in the months between the trailer drop and the game release; presenting a major opportunity for brands.

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