December Social Media Updates

December Social Media Updates

2018 has been a whirlwind of a year for everyone, but especially in the world of social media – a world that is changing by the day. In Q4, Instagram expanded their shopping capabilities, LinkedIn introduced new features aimed at increasing engagement and brands created top-notch Black Friday activations. Social didn’t slow down in December – read on for a round-up of December social media updates!

December Social Media Updates

December Social Media Updates

Instagram Stories – Close Friends

Instagram took the world of Stories by storm with the introduction of their Stories feature in August of 2016. Initially, many touted Snapchat as the king of Stories, until their user base jumped ship to Instagram Stories. Since then, IG has been holding tight to their Stories feature, adding new filters, zoom features and sticker options. This month, they introduced the Close Friends list on Stories. With this list, you can select a group of people to see a different Story than the general one on your profile. It feels like this is Instagram’s response to the privacy questions that have plagued the world of social media this year. Only time will tell if it catches on.

Facebook Comment Feedback

Facebook has long been in the middle of the conversation when it comes to making social media a nicer place. They’ve stayed silent or provided their users with small updates that didn’t really solve any problems. Now, it appears they’re taking real action. Earlier this year, they tested an up and down vote feature – giving users the ability to downvote a comment they don’t like and to upvote a comment they agree with. At the beginning of this month, a variation on this comment feedback appeared. It displays as a ‘Facebook Survey’ asking about the quality of a specific comment. This furthers the idea that Facebook is actually listening to their users.

YouTube Purging Fake Accounts

Much like Facebook, YouTube has been the center of drama recently. From introducing a way to eliminate “sensitive content” in your subscription feed to creating a higher threshold of followers for the YouTube Partner Program, YouTube has had a rocky time in 2018. To finish out this tumultuous year, they have announced they will purge fake accounts from the site. Twitter led the charge this year by deleting over 3 million accounts. This purge is expected to take place in the coming weeks. YouTube channels that are affected will be notified from YouTube staff in the Creator Studio.


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