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Super Bowl Video Sharing Drops; Early Release of Video Does Not Help

At a time when sharing of the average video increased 22%, sharing of Super Bowl ads decreased 29% last year vs. 2013. A separate study found that 45% of consumers were aware of a typical Super Bowl ad, but only 3% recalled seeing it before the game. What does help brands drive sales? A pre-Super Bowl promotion that generates 9% brand awareness, rivaling the 15% that the ad itself gets, and outperforming the ads themselves in improving purchase intent. It’s time to get back to promotions, including social media promotions.

Twitter Creeps Toward an Algorithm

This week, Twitter is proudly introducing their “While You Were Away” feature that shows users some of the “best Tweets you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.” In other words, their march to an algorithmic feed continues, as they said it would last year. This feature in and of itself may not be a problem, but brands should recognize that the time may well come when you won’t be able to get as much organic reach on Twitter either. Let’s hope they stick with their goal of not “compromising the real time nature of Twitter.” Facebook’s horrible “Story Bumping” feature has severely damaged that platform’s position as a real time news source.

Brands Tweeting on MLK Day?

This article gathers examples of the Good, the Bad and the “Why?” of brands tweeting on Martin Luther King Day. When I posted the article to LinkedIn earlier this week, someone asked me why it was awkward for some of those brands to recognize the work of Dr. King. Why, they asked, could Google do it, but not Steak-Umm? The answer, to me at least, is that part of Google’s brand is recognizing major milestones and human accomplishments on their home page. Given that brand positioning, it would’ve been strange if Google did not recognize the day. Tweets from Buick, the Seattle Seahawks and Steak-Umm, on the other hand, felt incongruous. They didn’t match the brand identity and as such came across as either exploitative or out of place. I hope that’s a good rule of thumb for brands asking themselves if it makes sense to engage with a particular event or an online trend.

Lastly, as you begin your week, file this post away if you’re a fan of having a pile of stats on social media for use in speeches and blog posts. It’s got a bunch.

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