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TV Viewing Minutes Hang On, But Digital Mobile Skyrockets

Some new information out this week shows interesting trends in terms of daily time spent on various media platforms. As you can see from the chart below, the number of minutes we spend consuming media continues to increase. TV is hanging on at 2008 levels, desktop computers still work, but print and radio are suffering as digital mobile and other connected devices absorb more time. The trend is even more dramatic for millennials, who spend 33% of their time on digital mobile and whose TV consumption has plunged nearly 100 minutes a day in just four years. That’s one of the reasons our Carusele product focuses on getting native brand advertising on these social channels.


Instagram Ad Rollout Showing Efficiency

Instagram advertising is now rolling out to more and more brands, with some research suggesting it will become a the “top media buy.” Some are reportedly seeing video cost per views of as little as 2 cents per view. Also this week, Instagram updated their direct messaging functionality with new features, including being able to message a “gram” to your friends. Direct messaging is becoming increasingly important on many platforms, and this article describes how brands can start to make use of it.

Unusual Amounts of Blabbing In Your Twitter Feed

While Blab soft launched in April, September may be the “month of Blab,” at least based on the volume of mentions I saw in the last half of August. For the uninitiated, Blab is a little bit Google Hangouts and a little bit Periscope. With Blab, available only on desktop and iOS currently, you can easily start a “blab” with up to three others. It very nicely allows for a smoothly flowing conversation among these people, while others can watch and “give props” to those they appreciate. Having and publishing video chats is getting much easier. The challenge for users? Finding interesting things to talk about and then driving traffic to their videos. The technology is no longer a barrier.


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