A Big Week for Social Media ROI

As Facebook reached 1 billion active users and our team analyzed 7.6 million mentions of the #debates on Twitter, I’m going to make this week’s update entirely about social media and ROI, because we have a lot to share on it.

No Way to Measure Social ROI? Please. Here are 6 Models

It bothers me when people say you can’t measure social media ROI. It’s not easy. Most models don’t give you a complete view of the total value of what we’re doing, but to use that as an excuse for not measuring it doesn’t work for me.

That’s why I wrote this 20-page whitepaper outlining 6 models that can be used to track social media ROI. You can do even deeper models if you sell online, but all 6 of these models assume a given brand cannot do that. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Whitepaper? Who Has Time to Read. Got a Video?

Yes. Yes, we do actually. Today we released a video called “Social Media ROI is Real and Measurable.” In under 3 minutes it shows how brands are having success with social media marketing at every stage of the sales (and post-sales) funnel.

You might want to share it with others in your company who are wondering about social media ROI, but are never going to read a whitepaper. Every claim is documented.

Want More? 2 Other ROI Whitepapers

Social Media ROI is not just on our mind. Forrester Research and Wildfire just released a new report called “The ROI of Social Marketing,” that shows 4 ways to measure and Likeable Media released a whitepaper this week called, “3 Easy Way Retailers Can Measure ROI from Social Media Efforts.”

Read all three and you’ll be an ROI genius. I think. I’ll let you know as soon as I finish the other two. But ours is coolest in that you don’t have to fill out a form to get it.

Bonus Content

That’s about it. If you’re curious about Facebook charging individual users $7 each to promote posts, or Instagram passing Twitter in terms of mobile engagement, or how many times Jim Lehrer was mentioned in social media during the debates, please check out those links.

Enjoy the weekend.

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