Shoutlet Is Well-Worth Checking Out

In my earlier post, “Is Shoutlet Overselling Itself,” I took a look at the Shoutlet website after their product launch announcement andShoutlet logo wondered aloud, basically, “What is this thing? Does it work? Or is it hype?”

Jason Weaver, CEO of Sway, the company that developed Shoutlet, was listening and last week offered a couple of us from the Ignite Social Media team a demo of the technology conducted by him and Jason Konz.

Here’s what I thought after that demo:

Shoutlet is an evolving product that has good features today and a well-thought out plan for additional features going forward. The Sway/Shoutlet team understands the space, is realistic and are putting together a product that will save social media agencies and social media practitioners a lot of time. It may not allow you to do anything that you couldn’t do before, but it does seem like it will allow you to do much more of it, much more easily, more quickly, and with one place to go to measure your efforts.

Basically, what it does is helps you distribute your content more easily, via email, via podcast, via RSS, across multiple social networks and multiple content distribution platforms and more. Here’s one easy example: You’ve got a video you’d like to have on 5 different sites. Upload it each time and your done. Or upload it once via Shoutlet and your done faster and you can track it in one place. Which one is easier?

They also have pretty easy widget creation tools that can work either embedded on websites or on a desktop. You can then send updated content to these widgets as you wish. Simple. Cool.

What I like about it too is a coming feature that will allow you to take a campaign of a lot of different pieces and shout them out simultaneously across email, podcast, RSS, video, widget updates, etc. etc.

So, Jason/Jason, and the rest of the Shoutlet team, I said in the first post that: “I may yet be their biggest fan and biggest client.” We’ll work on the last part, but I can say at this point that I think you’re on to something that may well end up as an essential tool for a social media agency like Ignite.

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