FeedXI Manages, Organizes, Custom Publishes RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are a great way to keep up with the websites you like, but choosing your favorites from those pages and sharing them with others easily hasn’t been so easy. That’s the problem that the folks at FeedXI have been working to solve.

If you’re an Ignite fan, you can see one of their “feedlets” in action to the left hand side of the screen under the title: “Our picks for Best SMM News.” Currently in beta and evolving fairly quickly, FeedXI allows you to create a custom feed from multiple sources. That alone is sort of cool. But then it allows you to publish a “feedlet” in a number of fashions on your site and then, if you wish, handpick the news you want to highlight and comment on it.

Since we’re working with them on the beta, Scott England and Ken Romley of FeedXI stopped by the Ignite offices earlier this week, so we decided to do a quick podcast on what they’re up to, where they got the idea, and what’s coming next from FeedXI. Have a listen:

Listen to this episode

FeedXI is pretty cool. Check it out, and be sure to leave comments about how it works for you.

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