Best B2B Chatbot Examples

Artificial intelligence is all around us. From predicting the most relevant content to display on your news feed to shutting down fake accounts, AI impacts our digital experiences every day. One particular form of AI, however, has been a hot topic in the business world recently: chatbots. A chatbot is a service, powered by rules, that you interact with via a chat interface such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, or a website widget. A recent report from Juniper Research found that the adoption of chatbots across multiple sectors will create business cost savings of $6 billion in 2018 alone, proving that clear benefits and efficiencies exist. So, which companies are in this space, and how are they executing chatbots successfully? Today, we examine the best B2B chatbots being used to drive business objectives.

B2B Chatbot Examples


If there’s one B2B brand that’s investing in chatbots, its HubSpot. Last year, the marketing software platform acquired to add the ability for clients to build, train, and deploy chatbots to its suite of tools.


Hubspot has both a website and Facebook Messenger bot that it uses to capture leads and provide users with more information on its software. On its website, HubBot acts as a placeholder until a live representative can hop in to chat with users. When a conversation is initiated, the bot will ask users what kind of help they’re looking for to qualify them as either prospects or current customers. From there, it’s only a matter of minutes before a live employee is responding to your queries.

On Messenger, Hubspot leverages their chatbot to drive users to their website, and they also acquire blog subscriptions via this chat. Users can conveniently sign up for blog alerts through Messenger in just two steps. Not only is this a relatively seamless experience for Hubspot’s Facebook Page visitors, but it’s a smart way to capture leads.


Software company Marketo is another site that makes good use of a Chatbot to generate leads and keep visitors engaged. As soon as you enter their home page, MarketBot pops up with a message to encourage users to engage. From there, the flow is very similar to Hubspots’, with the bot guiding users down its funnel to qualify their interest and connect them with a live representative as soon as possible.


If you’re working on building a bot for your website, Marketo is a good example to look at for natural language that does not feel overly automated, even though it is. MarketBot uses approachable language to draw users in, and it provides them with options to avoid contact from a sales rep if they are just looking to browse the site. For customers who are still in the consideration stage of the buying cycle, this may feel less intimidating.


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As you evaluate whether or not a chatbot is right for your brand, be sure to read our white paper that breaks down the top providers and how your company could benefit.

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