5 Social Media Tools You Don’t Know About (Yet)

toolsAt Ignite, we do a lot of research on the Social Media Language tools out there, and some are certainly more effective than others. I’ve dug up these 5 tools that you don’t not know about, and can be great sources to get your brand out there once they get rolling. Get in while the getting in is good.

BlogUpp! – BlogUpp! is a nice widget that can help you promote your company’s blog. It’s relatively simple and free to use, but you have to embed a widget on your own blog for it to work. This widget displays snapshots of other blogs in the BlogUpp! network, and shows the intro to the most recent post upon rollover. There’s no sign up necessary, thank goodness, and the widget looks sharp and not too much like an ad. The interface seems simple enough to use, and there is even an option to put some money behind your campaign to push out your blog. Seems interesting and worth a stab—after all, if it’s free and doesn’t require a sign-up, then why not? Check out the BlogUpp! blog for more information.

Twellow – Twellow is another Twitter tool, similar to Summize that allows you to search tweets from across the network in specific categories. It’s basically a Twitter search engine. Either search a term or choose from one of the many categories, and you’ll get a terrific list of Twitterers and a snapshot of what they’ve recently tweeted, their number of followers and other information that is essential to knowing whether or not to follow them. This is a valuable site that you can use to funnel and direct who you are marketing to, and one of the supplemental applications that makes Twitter a powerful tool itself.

Yumondo – You don’t know about Yumondo because it’s so spanking new that you need a Beta invite to join up. I’m predicting that it is a service not unlike BrightKite, but with a little more information and less superfluous. Your business likely exists in a place, and that place has people in it. As far as I can tell, the service lets users aggregate information about the areas in which they live according to places, events, things and groups—all perfect niches for you to engage. I’ll let you know more about this after I get my Beta invite.

BragThis.com – Social Media users are self-centered, confident, and want everyone to know it. It’s about time someone created a network that takes all the modesty and pussyfooting out of the equation. BragThis.com is that site. This is a network that allows users to show off their attributes and experiences through bragging to others. You can also customize real world items with your brags, so if you want a t-shirt with your latest bitchin’ steam-punk watch on it, then you can just plug in your content and order away. Why is this an important marketing tool? Well, if you can boast and brag about the things you do well, you can sell yourself to others. The site is still low in its user base (it apparently launched today) but seems like just the type of masturbatory network that makes social media as popular as it is.

Scoutle – As a writer, I am not the best person when it comes to doing the leg work of getting my content out there—lucky for me, along came Scoutle. Scoutle essentially allows you to create “scouts” who will meet other scouts and promote your content and let you know about content that might interest you. The frequency of scouts meeting is based on the quality of the content of your blog or website, so without having to worry about aggregation, you can concentrate on producing great content. This seems like an easy (and free) way to get your blog out there without much effort. Here’s a little more info from the Blog of an Internet Marketing Addict.

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