10 Gen Z Trends to Use in Your Boomer Strategy

Gen Z has entered the workforce and is increasing in buying power. This means that it is becoming increasingly important for brands to understand the mindset and behaviors of younger generations like Gen Z. Those born between 1997-2012 have very different values, communication styles, and social media habits compared to previous generations. Ignoring Gen Z trends and perspectives could mean losing relevance with this powerful consumer segment in the years ahead. Additionally, their values and tendencies are likely to trickle up and influence the behaviors and expectations of older generations over time.

Here are 10 Gen Z social trends that should impact your current strategy

  1. Prioritize Authenticity and Realness

    Gen Zers highly value authenticity and realness from the brands they follow. They can smell inauthenticity from a mile away and will call it out. Gen Z prefers UGC (user-generated content) over branded content as they are weary of polished marketing campaigns infused with false narratives spun up in conference rooms.
  2. Increase Inclusivity and Diversity

    Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in history. They expect the brands they support to embrace diversity and prioritize inclusivity. Your strategy should follow suit and build a brand that demonstrates authentic commitment to these values.

  3. Master Bite-Sized Video Content

    Thanks to the proliferation of apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels, Gen Z has a tremendous appetite for bite-sized, mobile-friendly video content. Holding their attention is still possible. However, short-form videos are the primary engaging way for brands to share stories and connect with audiences of all ages.
  4. Blur the Lines Between Reality and Online

    For Gen Z, there is no solid dividing line between their digital existences and their physical realities. Boomers aren’t far behind, living increasingly integrated digital lives. Omnichannel experiences will become increasingly more important
  5. Uphold Individuality and Uniqueness

    Gen Zers loathe being lumped into demographic buckets or having labels assigned to them. They prize their unique identities and perspectives. Consumers everywhere may follow suit and rebel against ageist stereotypes and patronizing marketing tactics. Marketers will have to be intentional with their message.
  6. Understand the value of constant reinvention

    Gen Z is comfortable with constant change, updates, and disruption thanks to rapid pace of technology development. We may see older generations begin to embrace a similar willingness to reinvent and adapt their personal and professional brands regularly. This is something to be mindful of and not letting your brand become stale.
  7. Show Genuine Passion for Social Causes

    Gen Zers aren’t afraid to use their influential voices and spending power to uplift the social causes that matter to them. Brands taking authentic stances on societal issues could earn respect from Gen Zers and all generations alike.
  8. Reward Engagement with Interactive Experiences

    Gen Z has grown up in an era of highly interactive digital experiences, from video games to social platforms. As other generations digitally mature, they may gravitate towards brands providing similarly engaging and immersive experiences.
  9. Recognize that Purchase Behavior is a Reflection of Values

    Gen Zers see their consumption habits as reflections of their personal values, from sustainable products to ethical company practices. Other generations may soon be influenced by these priorities when choosing brands.
  10. Create Opportunities for Personalization

    Gen Zers expect highly personalized experiences, recommendations, and communications from brands. As Boomers and other generations adopt Gen Z’s digital habits and expectations, mass one-size-fits-all marketing will hold less appeal. Sophisticated personalization capabilities will be key.

Brands would be wise not to dismiss Gen Z trends as irrelevant to their Boomer target audiences. Some may seem contradictory or bewildering at first. However, younger generations have a way of setting the tone for societal changes that eventually work their way up to reshape behaviors, attitudes, and expectations at a macro level.

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