Trending Hashtags to Ring In the New Year With

New Year’s Eve is traditionally the night to make a statement, and that extends to social as well. Whether you’re capping off the year with a big brand moment, or you’re keeping it casual on your journey towards the midnight hour, you’ll want to make use of these trending hashtags to help tell your story and extend your reach.

You may already have your mind on key trends in 2020, but New Year’s Eve is an event all its own. When choosing a set of hashtags to accompany your posts, the “who” that you’re speaking to is just as important as the “when”. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite hashtags to ring in the New Year with, and who they may work best for.

The Standards

#HappyNewYear, #NYE2020

If you want to be part of the New Year’s conversation, you can’t go wrong with incorporating the tried and true. Simple and direct, these are hashtags that wouldn’t look out of place whether you’re updating for 10 followers or 10,000.

The Modern Approach

#NYE, #Midnight, #Resolutions

Your audience is going to be out and about on New Year’s Eve; who has time for elaborate hashtags? These character slashing hashtags can be utilized as statements as bold as your products. #Midnight is a go-to for timely updates, striking a certain mood, and matte black product offerings, while #Resolutions could be a subtle hint of what’s to come in the New Year.

Making Changes

#NewYearSameMe, #NewYearNewMe, #NewYearNewYou

Whether you subscribe to the concept of New Year resolutions or not, they’re guaranteed to be on the mind of your audience. Regardless of which direction you decide to go in, these are the hashtags to look towards when it comes to projecting a sense of change and confidence.

Of course, hashtags can only do so much and it’s the content that counts. Get out there, have fun, and say #Goodbye2019 in style. Looking for some help in the New Year, check out our services.

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