4 Snapchat Stats Marketers Need to Know

snap chat icon wideA recent Q1 social network profile of Snapchat by GlobalWebIndex took a look at active Snapchat users and revealed new data that can help marketer’s understand the platform and its users better. Below, I’ve summarized the 4 main statistics marketers need to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to be active on the platform, and if choosing to pursue, information that could help craft a better execution.

1. Snapchat users are mostly motivated to stay in touch with friends, share photos and videos, and discover funny or entertaining content.

Typically the most common user motivation for participating in social networks is to stay in touch with friends, so this one isn’t that shocking.  What is more interesting is that “funny or entertaining” content is in the top 3 motivations that Snapchat users use a social network.  To put this in contrast, Pinterest active users in the study ranked this type of content as 6th in importance.


2. Snapchat usage is highest with teens in Europe and North America

According to GlobalWebIndex, “Snapchat usage is generally higher in mature internet companies,” which explains one reason for the higher usage in Europe and North America.  This said, it’s quite shocking that a social network with just 8% participation of all US internet users would reach 34% of teens (16-19 yr olds). 

3. Snapchat users are also active on multiple other social networks and messaging applications.

One very important stat for marketers to remember is that Snapchat’s active users are also fairly active on other social networks as well.  Just because Facebook is no longer the shiny new object, it’s still interesting to see that over half of Snapchat users are still active there and 72% are active on Facebook Messenger.

Snapchatmultinetworking behavior

4. Snapchat users are interested in coupons and discounts and nearly half interested in utilizing money transfer features.

76% of Snapchat users purchased a product online in the last month.  This, combined with nearly half of Snapchat users interested in using money transfer features through mobile messaging applications signals a huge opportunity for brands as these networks and in-app payment features like Snapcash mature. In the meantime, brands should take note that this audience is primarily motivated to make online purchases by coupons and discounts.


What are your thoughts on how these stats impact brands and marketers?  Please share in the comments below.

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