MySpace vs. Facebook “Battle”: No Clear Winner Yet

“MySpace is dead.” “MySpace is dying.” “Facebook is crushing MySpace.”

Well, maybe creaking, but certainly not dead. Consider some hot statistics from Comscore Media Metrix as reported by Fortune. MySpace Still the Leader

  • MySpace served up 45 billion page views in July alone. And that’s only in the U.S.
  • In 2005, MySpace made $23 million in revenues. In 2007, they will sell $525 million in ad space, 58% of the ads sold on social networking site. Facebook, in contrast will take in $125 million, or less than 25 cents for every MySpace dollar.
  • In one day this summer, MySpace served up 7.3 billion ads to its users. In one day.
  • 12% of all of America’s Internet time is spent on MySpace. With a zillion websites out there, that any site gets 12% is mind-boggling.

Sure, MySpace is ugly. They haven’t opened their API like Facebook did. Facebook is growing faster. But MySpace is still the leader, and our media team tells me they’d much rather work with MySpace than Facebook, as there are many more options in terms of advertising placement.

Of course, whether or not MySpace and Facebook even compete is another debate. MySpace president Tom Anderson says they do. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says they don’t. On the utility issue, they don’t compete—I’m with Zuckerberg. Totally different sites. For the ad dollar, they certainly do compete, and so far Anderson is winning that game, even as Facebook’s valuation rises to $10 billion.

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