Half of the Most Popular Websites Are Social Media

E-marketer is reporting today on the most popular websites in the world, ranked by page views. This is from September 2007. Half of the most popular websites are social media. The other half are search-centric (if you count MSN.com as search… Microsoft probably does. I do not.)

Most Popular Websites, September 2007

Some quick comments on the 8 most popular websites in the world:

1) Yahoo: Search. They stay at number one by combining a lot of elements into one. News, email, search… Works for them. Not a good strategy to try to replicate for others though.

2) MySpace: Social media. Still the number one social network in terms of page views and in terms of income, although Facebook continues its surge. Look for MySpace to shake up the game in the next 60-90 days.

3) Google: Search. 60% market share in searches. Buying the rest of the e-world (except Facebook). Not much more to say.

4) Facebook: Social media. Continues to grow. Now that Microsoft owns 1.6%, that’ll probably kill it. (kidding). Here’s my page.

5) Orkut: Social media. Google’s social networking play. They’ve grown much more overseas than in the U.S., at least so far.

6) Live.com: Search. Look, Microsoft search looks like Google, about 6 years too late. This site would never make the top 10 if Microsoft didn’t have a zillion properties to link to it.

7) MSN.com: Search/Content. For some reason, this is one of my 4 home pages. A good mix of content and a search engine I personally avoid like the plague.

8) YouTube.com: Social media. Love those videos. So does everyone else.

More proof that people are expecting to engage with content, not just read it.

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