The Danger of Assuming We’re Normal

We’re social media geeks. All of us who work at Ignite Social Media. Most of you who read this blog are, too. That means we’re not normal. I tell my clients all the time that nobody in the room is normal. They think about their product more than any normal person would, and I think about social media marketing more than any normal person would.

A post I read today brought that home in a compelling way. The writer noted that 60% of his visitors used Firefox, while only 23% used Internet Explorer. So I checked the stats for Ignite Social Media and found that 63% of our recent visitors used Firefox, about the same level it’s been for a long time.

Based on that, it’s easy to believe that Firefox is the #1 browser in the world. Not even close. In fact, Internet Explorer’s market share in March 2008 is reportedly 60%, while Firefox is 19.95%. Granted, IE share is down from 68.63% just one year ago. Here’s Microsoft’s market share (see the full report at here):Microsoft Market Share

I checked the stats on one of my client’s sites. They target a very “corporate” type user. 80% of the visitors to that site use Internet Explorer.

So as we Twitter, check out different browsers like Flock, add extensions to Firefox to make it “ours”, and blog on the couch late at night, we need to remember that we’re not normal. That’s ok, until you choose a social media marketing strategy that’s based on people acting like us.

As you craft your social media marketing strategy, remember, you’re not normal.

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