Facebook Brand Page Reach Improves Slightly in January; Still Down 30% Since November

Our December 10, 2013 post, Facebook Brand Pages Suffer 44% Decline in Reach Since December 1 was discussed a lot in social circles, generating over 4,500 likes and nearly 2,000 Tweets alone as of this writing.

We acknowledged at the time that the study was good because it used data from 21 different pages, but it was not good because we had only 9 days of data in December. Some also pointed out that December is a strange month for brands on Facebook because of the increase in marketing (paid and organic) that happens around the holidays. Fair point.

So we went back and looked again, this time using data from all of November, comparing it first with all of December, and then comparing it again with the full month of January, on the same 21 brand pages we used the first time.

Organic Reach Declines 30% in January Compared to November

The good news? January wasn’t as bad as December.

The bad news? January was still pretty bad for organic reach, with brands seeing an average decline of 30% when compared to November.

Facebook Reach Jan 2014 down 30% from November

Facebook Reach Jan 2014 down 30% from November

Rise in Number of Engaged Users

There is some good news for brands. As Facebook shows your content to fewer people, some brand pages are seeing solid growth in their total number of engaged users. Two brands in our data set saw increases north of 100% in fact, and the average was 19%, although some pages did see a decline as high as 62%.

This wasn’t the case in December, where the average page in our data set saw a 20% decline in engaged users. It will be interesting to see if the January ranges continue in future months.

Facebook engaged users grew 30%

Facebook engaged users grew 30%

This suggests that Facebook is having some success showing branded content to those most likely to engage in it.

What are you seeing? Is your reach still down? How is engagement doing on your pages?

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  • Tom O'Brien
    Posted at 11:34h, 04 March

    I think FB is a great tool for content syncication, a la, Outbrain, Taboola, Disqus (full disclosure–my employer), but why would anyone try to engage with a brand on FB? The brand competes with my friends, family, interests, passions etc. I’d like to see if brands see any other form of engagement beyond a “like”. Further, why would you rent your audience to FB when you can control the conversation on your own owned site? (I’ve used FB and Twitter to flame brands for bad experiences/ customer service).

    Here (on an owned site) a brand has control of the conversation and can monitor engagement and can encourage participaiton. Does Ignite have a metric that shows increased PVs, time spent, uniques etc on a brands owned and operated site?

    Content recommendation tools surely drive traffic so brands ought to employ these tactics to build user participation on their sites…especially if they’re creating original or syndicated content.

  • Pro Auto Talk
    Posted at 16:46h, 07 March

    We agree 100% with Tom O’Brien – well said.

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