Social Media Marketing Mistakes And How to Avoid Them (2 of 6)

Continuing the series on social media marketing mistakes from last week, today’s mistake is about “schmoozing instead of connecting.” I talk a lot about social media being a cocktail party. And behavior that would be OK at a cocktail party will likely be OK in social media marketing.

Marketers are conditioned to look at tactics in terms of “what can I get from X?” And that’s fine, because ROI is important. But social media marketing is different. You need to give before you can hope to get, because the power isn’t with the marketer, it’s with the recipient. You need people to choose to engage with you.

Watch this short (2:03) video for more on this topic:

So remember, don’t “be that guy.” Forget that it’s embarrassing to be that guy. Perhaps more importantly, that guy doesn’t have “followers” and that’s exactly what you need to be successful in social media marketing.

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