How To Use Trivia on Social Media To Engage Your Fans

There are many ways to engage with fans as a brand. Fan of the week competitions, open ended questions and what we’re going to talk about today, trivia! Back in the day when speaking about trivia, I’d think about the board game Trivial Pursuit and how horrible I was at it. As time went on and I got older, trivia became more popular and showed up everywhere from bar hosted events to apps you could play with your friends. Trivia on social media is engaging because not only does it get the wheels turning in your brain, it gives you a sense of pride when you’re right…even if it was just a guess.

Most recently the app HQ has emerged from the makers of Vine (remember that app?). From the handful of times I’ve tried to make it past question five (there are ten each game), there are at least 700K people playing and it’s gone over 1.5MM. That’s 1.5MM people all logged in playing one trivia game. What can we learn from this asides from my lack of trivia skills? People find trivia games engaging.

HQ Trivia

While you may not be an app like HQ, as a brand you can still use trivia and its popularity to engage with your fans.

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Examples of Incorporating Trivia on Social Media

Twitter Poll Trivia


Twitter Poll Trivia


Twitter has a great poll option for posts that can easily be used to pose a question to your audience. It can be anything from a question about your brands history or about current products. Trivia is a great way to have people learn more about your brand. For those of you wondering, at the moment it’s still snowing in Oakland County but we’re at 4″.

Facebook Status Quiz


Using Facebook Polls for Trivia on Social Media


Using Facebook’s poll (which allows you to add a photo or GIF for the answers) is another way to administer a trivia question to your audience. If you opt to use photos or GIFs there will be a limit of only two responses to allow. Going for the text poll will allow you to add additional options though, personally, I think the photos are more fun.

Micro-site Quiz


Outer Banks Trivia on Social Media

Why not create a whole experience for your fans? Take them to a micro site where you can control the experience. Ask as many questions as you wish but keep the length of the quiz short enough that your fans don’t get bored. You can design the site how you want; include photos, animation, videos, there are a lot options to make the experience something that your fans will talk about.

Add an additional layer to your quiz by including a sweepstakes, you can do it where just participation garners an entry or require correct answers. Just be sure to check the legalities of your sweepstakes depending on how you envision running it. If you need help, we’re here, just reach out to us.

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