3 Ways to Use Facebook Offers this Holiday Season


Facebook recently made some exciting updates to Offers for the first time in a long time. With the holidays just around the corner, and everyone looking to make the most out of their budget, Facebook Offers could be a tactic to get your product or service into the hands of consumers. This blog post outlines three ideas on how to use Facebook Offers this season.

Social Exclusive Offer

One of the primary reasons fans follow brands on social is to get exclusive offers or incentives. With the revamped Facebook Offers, delivering these incentives to fans just got a little easier. When running an offer, make it enticing so that fans scoop it up quickly. Make it so that people won’t be able to get this offer via any other channel or source. The best offer types for this are either ‘amount’ or ‘percentage off’. Keep the offer available to claim for 1-2 weeks and give potential customers a reasonable time period to use the offer, about a month would be ideal. An offer, available through social only, is also a good way to show some initial results on the ROI social is driving.

Drive Product Trial

Do you have a new product or a product that still has low awareness? Facebook offers can be a good way to help drive product trial. There is a lot of noise around the holidays via pushed marketing messages, but an exciting offer can help break through some of that noise. Depending on your situation, it would be great to have a limited number of offers for ‘Free Stuff’. Who doesn’t love ‘Free Stuff’? If you can’t offer free items, ‘amount’ or ‘percentage off’ are strong second options. With the ability to tie Facebook Offers to purchase both online and in-store you will be able to see measurable results in terms of driving product trial.


Rewarding Your Customers

A third way to use Facebook Offers is rewarding your existing customers. The holidays are a great time to say ‘thank you’ by giving a little something back to your customers. The ‘Free Stuff’ offer would be a great use case here as a ‘gift with purchase’ or just a free item. The other option is ‘Buy One, Get One’. The ‘BOGO’ offer feasibility really depends on your product or service. However, if you want to move a lot of volume during the holiday season, this is the way to go.

Is your brand planning on using Facebook offers this holiday season? We would love to help you get started on delivering measurable returns on your social media marketing efforts.

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