3 Tactics to Integrate Social & CRM

Integrating your marketing efforts across verticals can provide efficiencies and a more complete profile on your consumers. The topic of social media and customer-relationship management, CRM, integration has been a hot topic over the last year or so. Social channels have made it easy to reach and engage your existing customers through matching users and targeted media buys. Additionally, creating social media campaigns provides a way to capture additional data about your audience and match it to your existing CRM list. This post will look at three tools for Social and CRM integration and some best practices for each tactic.

#1 Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook was one of the first social platforms to enable CRM matching through Custom Audiences. Just this week Facebook added additional data types for matching.  Up until now, marketers were limited to email address, phone # or mobile ad IDs to create a Custom Audience. Now data types have expanded to include: First/Last name, DOB, Gender, City, State/Region, Zip Code & Country. It will take about 30 minutes for Facebook to create your Custom Audience. Once your Custom Audience is complete, you can either create an ad to target those people, or you can create a Lookalike Audience. Lookalike Audiences have similar traits to the users in your Custom Audience and allow you to expand your reach to a group who is likely to convert.

Facebook Custom Audience

#2 Twitter Tailored Audiences

Tailored Audiences on Twitter work similarly to Facebook Custom Audiences. You can target existing customers through targeted campaigns. Like Facebook, you can use customer data lists (phone number, email address, Twitter IDs or mobile advertising IDs), website traffic or app data through tags and conversion tracking. However, the Tailored Audience list must match at least 500 people in order to be used for campaign targeting. From the Tailored Audience, you can build a lookalike audience which finds users with similar interests, location, demographic attributes and engagement patterns. Both of these audiences can be used for acquisition and engagement campaigns.

Twitter tailored Audiences

#3 Social Programs

Lastly, social programs are another way to integrate social and CRM. Social programs not only give fans a deeper way to engage with your brand, but also allows for rich information capture. A simple registration form added to program such as a sweepstakes, contest, or quiz, can jump start the path to build a CRM profile on your fans. Be mindful of where the form is appearing in the process to avoid drop off, as many people will be accessing them on their phone. Name, email address, state/zip code, and opt-in information which allows you to further contact them is a good place to start. Once you have this information, it can be added to your CRM system and used for communications via email and ad targeting for future campaigns.

CC Reg Form

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