What Works For Brands on Facebook – Social You Should Know

This week, our very own Director of Analytics, Ryan Sweeney was featured in Adweek, Facebook continues to test image recognition capabilities, and Snapchat’s ad revenue forecast is lowered.

All that and more in this week’s Social You Should Know.

What Works for Brands (and What Doesn’t) on Facebook

Our Director of Analytics studied more than 18,000 posts on Facebook across 30 brands to give AdWeek the inside scoop on what works and what doesn’t on Facebook.

Among the findings? CPG brand content drove more organic reach through link content than video content, yet retailers and service industry found the opposite to be true. Be sure to check out the Adweek article to see more results.

Facebook Testing Image Recognition for Products

Facebook appears to be stealing a page from Pinterest Lens, testing image recognition within Facebook Marketplace.

While this appears to be a small test, marketers should take note. Eventually image recognition could be utilized as an extremely powerful targeting option, opening the door for targeting users who showcase logos, products, or even landmarks in their images.  The use case for brands is endless.

Snapchat Ad Revenue Forecast Is Lowered

eMarketer lowered its ad revenue forecast for Snapchat based on the platform’s expected user growth.This, combined with recent reports of top influencers using Snapchat 33% less, suggests Snapchat still has to gain lost ground from the added competition of Instagram Stories. Curious how Snapchat’s audience compares to other platforms? This study reveals Snapchat still has a large addressable audience of high-school and college students, with Facebook and Instagram having a larger addressable audience of 24-34 year olds.

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