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Tweet Scheduling and Google Helps Facebook Ad Targeting | Social You Should Know

I’m pleased to announce that my second book “Earn It. Don’t Buy It. The CMO’s Guide To Social Media Marketing in a Post Facebook World” is now available for Kindle and pre-order for those of you who still enjoy a good paperback. More to come on that later. In other news, Twitter rolls out native tweet scheduling and there’s an interesting way to use Google+ to create micro-targeted ad lists for Facebook.

Scheduling Tweets in Twitter

On Monday, Twitter announced a new feature for ad-buying users: native tweet scheduling. There are a lot of free third party publishing tools that let you schedule tweets, however, many of these do not have direct access to Twitter cards or the Twitter photo tools, making posting natively through Twitter the best way to publish tweets with a photo. Scheduled posts must be created through Twitter’s ads manager at, but it’s important to note that it isn’t necessary to put money behind the scheduled tweets.

Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter Traffic Referrals Up 54%

Social plugin service, Sharaholic, released a recent report that shows referral traffic trends from eight of the largest social networks over the last 13 months. The data comes from Sharaholic’s network of 200,000 publishers who collectively reach more than 250 million unique monthly visitors. Together, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter drove 15.22% of traffic to its publishers sites last month. YouTube and LinkedIn each show referral traffic growth rates of about 53% and 35% respectively over the previous year. The data also shows that Google+ accounted for only 0.04% of referral traffic but still shouldn’t be a platform that marketers ignore. Referrals from Reddit and StumbleUpon are on the decline.

Using Google+ to Better Target Facebook Ads

An interesting example of how social properties can impact one another, Dennis Yu of Blitzmetrics found an innovative way to enhance Facebook Ad targeting by using Google+ Circles. Brands can create very specific and targeted Google+ Circles by identifying segments of Google+ users that have an affinity for your brand and/or product. Through your Google+ Circles and because of Google’s integration across its products, you can access email addresses via Google Contacts if the user has made their email address public or accessible to those that have them in their Circles. Simply export those emails from Google and import them to Facebook’s Power Editor as a custom audience and Facebook will match the emails to users in its database. It’s not the quickest or cleanest way to go about getting a targeted ad list but it may be worth a test for brands that have a robust Google+ presence.

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  • Kathleen Johnson
    Posted at 07:59h, 23 October

    Thank you for the heads up on the vulnerability of our contact list in Google+ circles. I had zero idea. Off to check my settings.

  • Dennis Yu
    Posted at 00:47h, 18 January

    Jim, thanks for the mention. I didn’t even notice it until today, over a year later. My bad on being so slow!

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