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“Social Media Marketing” #1 Skill for Hires in 2013

LinkedIn released its 25 “hottest” skills that got folks hired in 2013, and rocking it at the top spot is “social media marketing.”

The 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2013 Official LinkedIn Blog


To see the rest of the list, visit LinkedIn’s blog.

Of course, here at Ignite Social Media, we know a thing or two about social media marketing. But before you jump on LinkedIn and start hiring every college graduate who says they “know Facebook,” here are the questions to ask candidates first:

Do You Know How to Gather Social Metrics?

I won’t lie, when I started at Ignite Social Media, I had no idea how to navigate the inner-workings of Google Analytics. Basically, I was a metric n00b. If the candidate can come in with even an ounce of metric knowledge – Facebook Insights, at the very least – they’re a step above the average Joe who slaps “social media marketing ninja” on their profile. Clients love numbers.

Do You Know Customer Service?

As a community manager, you need to know how to be nice to strangers. Every single community manager has at some point or another been told off by a consumer, and if you’re easily offended – this isn’t the job for you. Sometimes, consumers are mad, and you’ve got to make it better. Sure, you might know marketing, but if you don’t know how to be nice, then social media isn’t the venue for you.

What’s A Brand That Really “Gets” Social?

When I interviewed at Ignite Social Media, I was asked this and it really made me think. By asking candidates what brands’ social work they love, you’re getting a glimpse into what style they may try to bring to the table. If they can’t think of one great brand, move on to the next “social media marketer.”

If your “social media marketer” doesn’t correctly answer the questions above, they can always learn coding.

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