How to Reach Moms on Social Media

How to Reach Moms on Social Media

As the internet and social media have become entwined in everyday life, they have also drastically changed motherhood. With an endless resource of information, mothers are now able to use technology to solve problems, entertain themselves, shop, and connect to their loved ones wherever and whenever they desire. With this shift in usage, marketers must know where mothers spend their time online.

In a survey conducted by Edison research, it was found that the average US mother spends approximately 3.5 hours using the internet per day.1 Due to its portability and ease of use, 90% of mothers use mobile devices to access the internet and social media.1 Since 2016, the percent of mothers who use social networks has increased 5% – resulting in 93% of mothers using social networking sites.1 Not only are mothers creating these accounts, but they are actively using them with over 60% of surveyed mothers saying they check their social media accounts at least once a day.1

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Social media is where mothers entertain themselves, gain advice, learn about new products, connect with friends and family, and share moments and milestones in their child’s life. In a study conducted by Pew Research, parents were polled about their usage of social media and found that 83% of mothers polled browse their social media timelines for parenting information and 80% of mothers use social media to get support for a parenting issue.3 In addition to gaining information from social media, 77% of mothers share their experience on social media, responding to parenting questions.3

Since mothers are active on social media, determining which platforms are the most useful to them will aid in determining where brands should focus their presence. According to eMarketer, Facebook reigns supreme with almost 85% of mothers commonly using the platform.2 Facebook has continued to grow in popularity with a 6% increase with mothers since 2015. Pinterest is the second most common platform used by mothers (47%); however, this platform has seen a 4% decrease year-over-year with this group.2 Alternatively, Instagram has seen steady growth with this demographic – increasing 12% since 2013.2 The least commonly used platforms overall were Snapchat (29%) and Twitter (21%); however, both platforms have seen growth with mothers since 2016.2

eMarketer Chart: Social Media Platforms Used by Mothers

Having a presence on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram is one of the key ways to reach this socially active demographic. With information and support being the main driver of social media use, providing knowledge and tips related to motherhood may garner better engagement from moms. Additionally, platforms like Facebook allow for detailed ad targeting that can focus ads on specific targets to maximize the value of your ad spend.

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