Pinterest Rolls Out Self-Serve Ads; Google a New Dashboard | #SYSK

Content is King, but That’s Not Enough

Marketers are very focused on their next Facebook update, or tweet, or Instagram. And they should be. But that’s not the entirety of social media marketing. In this article, I’ve outlined that the “Royal Flush” of social media marketing includes four other cards: The Ace, which is long-form content. The Queen, which is social promotions. The Jack, which is influencer programs and the 10, which is social customer service. Let me know your thoughts.

Pinterest Improves Analytics, Opens Up Self-Serve Ads and Improve Search

Pinterest certainly isn’t sitting around. In the last week, they’ve opened up their Promoted Pins ad platform for any brand to use. They’ve also improved their analytics package to help brands figure out what to pin. And they’ve added “Guided Search” to their web experience. In the latter, as you type a search phrase, Pinterest offers you related phrases. This is clearly a shot at Google and the big money in search advertising. Smart moves across the “board” from Pinterest. Get it? Pinterest board… Ok, moving on…

Google Launches “Google My Business” to Help Marketers

Google is trying to make marketing on Google easier for SMBs with their new Google My Business feature. But this may make it easier for all brands, even those that aren’t local to market on Google more easily. From managing your listing on Google, to your map, to your reviews and customer contacts, this consolidation is clearly helpful and necessary.

Finally, Facebook once again tried to explain why their taking the hatchet to organic reach. And no, I still don’t believe the argument. Nor do I think it’s the right strategy for users, brands or Facebook.

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