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Pinterest Posts Have a Long Half-Life

New research from Piqora shows that half of all product orders from a Pinterest pin come at least 2.5 months after that product was first pinned. This is a dramatically longer half-life than the 30 minutes a brand Facebook post enjoys and the three weeks that brand YouTube videos drive product orders. The research also shows that brands using Rich Pins get more viral reach. Why pins last so long is, to me, a function of two things: 1) people are on Pinterest primarily to discover new products and 2) the vast majority of content on Pinterest is repins, not original posts. So the behavior on Pinterest is ideal for shoppers.

Foursquare Struggles in Old Age

I remember the SXSW show when Foursquare burst onto the scene. I met Dennis Crowley briefly one night in a bar that week. He was like a rock star. Everyone wanted his attention. Today, Foursquare is struggling, even taking on debt financing to keep going. It switched to passive recommendations, a feature rolling out that will give app users recommendations based on where they are, regardless of whether they’ve checked in. This is very interesting and potentially helpful. The only thing to watch for is if enough people keep using the app, will things turn around? This may also prove to be a lesson to SnapChat as to how fleeting fame can be. Hear more about Pinterest Pins and Foursqaure in our weekly Social Conversation.

When Klout is a Good Marketing Metric

Social media marketers love to bash Klout, the system that tries to measure people’s influence, in part because it can be gamed by people. But I read an interesting article this week that outlined how a brand (that is not gaming) can use their Klout score as a proxy for how their content is doing. Interesting read.

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