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Three NHL Teams to Follow on Social Media

Greetings, hockey fans! While the NHL doesn’t have the massive audience of the NFL, hockey fans are a dedicated bunch and love following their favorite team(s) on social media. As an NHL season ticket holder for the last 12+ years, I can attest first-hand to just how engaged hockey fans can be on social. This season, the NHL welcomed the Vegas Golden Knights as the 31st team, and their Twitter account has gotten a lot of publicity for their approach to social media (mostly good, but some bad). With that spotlight on hockey, let’s take a look at three of the best NHL teams to follow on social media (in no particular order).

Los Angeles Kings

Before the Vegas Golden Knights were capturing a lot of attention for taking shots at opposing team, the Los Angeles Kings were, well, the kings of that domain. Where many teams were very focused on self-promotion, and rarely engaging with other teams, the Kings social media team pulled no punches.

The Kings are equal opportunity comedians, and don’t mind reaching into other sports when the time is right. As they should, they also do a nice job of promoting the team and running contests, but the real reason to follow the two-time Stanley Cup champions is for the laughs.

Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning have long been lauded by hockey fans for doing right by their fans. Most famously, they’ve included a personalized jersey for season ticket holders that comes with an RFID chip, granting the wearer discounts in the arena. They keep that fan focus alive on social, particularly Facebook, with a lot of great video content.  Each game day, Tampa Bay has pre-game, in-game, and post-game updates for their fans to enjoy. By keeping the copy short, and their visuals engaging, Tampa Bay is certainly worth a thumbs up.

Nashville Predators

When it comes to hockey teams that have done a phenomenal job embracing their offline community, none do a better job than the Nashville Predators. On social media, they’ve also done a great job being part of the online community. Their Instagram account is a must follow, especially for those who keeping up with games in real-time. One of the nicest things they do (or worst, depending on if you have the game on DVR) is an update after each period where the score is easily visible in their feed.

These three teams all seem to understand what is right for the channel, what their audience wants to know, and the right tone of voice for their fans. No matter what industry you’re in, that’s a winning social media hat trick!

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