Marketing to Gen Z: What Not to Do

As Generation Z grows to be a large part of consumers, it’s important to understand what kinds of marketing they are receptive to. It’s much easier to simplify them down to a generation of people who are always on their phones than it is to put the effort in to learn their behaviors. Want to know how not to market to Generation Z? We’ve got you covered. Want help with your marketing efforts? Let us know.


Who is Generation Z?

As it happens, the categorization of Gen Z varies depending on who you ask. They are defined as the generation directly following Millennials, born between the years of 1995 and 2010. This is a wide range of ages, which makes creating a one size fits all marketing strategy difficult. People who make up Gen Z fall into many varying life stages – from high school to college to those entering the work force for the first time. Generation Z is growing to be an estimated 25% of the US population, making them a larger group than Baby Boomers or Millennials.

Don’t: Ignore Their Most Used Platforms

Studies have shown that Millennials that are jumping ship from Facebook. Gen Zers spend an average of 2 hours 43 minutes a day on social media. When looking at where Gen Z is spending their time, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram take the top spots, while Facebook Messenger is close behind. Even though Facebook has come under fire in the recent past, they own three of the top four channels that Gen Zers are active on.

Don’t: Be Inauthentic

Those who fall into Generation Z can see through the PR jargon, canned responses and subtle sales tactics. They will call you out and they will drag you. Nothing is off limits when it comes to Generation Z. When it comes to creating content, we create authentic content, leaning away from consistently branded Instagram posts or Tweets. There are ways to incorporate your brand voice & colors in a subtle way to create that thumbstopping content.

Don’t: Stay Silent on Social Issues

In the world we live in, social issues are seeping into every aspect of life, especially social media. While it seems like an idea that goes against the norm, taking firm stances on social issues will help you gain trust with Gen Z. Gen Zers are outspoken activists who are voting for the first time in elections and taking control of the future they want to live in. If your brand stays silent on major issues, you risk falling into obscurity.

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