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A Press Release About Press Releases


Ignite Social Media has Released this Press Release to tell you about Press Releases in Social Media

CARY, April 18, 2016 / Ignite Social Media Blog / — This just in! Contrary to all those naysayers – press releases are still necessary. But this educational lesson won’t be helpful at all if you don’t know what a press release is, you #basic. So let’s break it down.

Directly from Wikipedia, a notable website where you can sometimes get factual and non-factual information, “a press releasenews releasemedia releasepress statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.” Blah, blah, blah. A press release is a way to notify the press about a release. Duh! But, that’s how media worked in like 2003. Then Facebook happened.

Then we came along to tell you otherwise!! Hence, this press release about press releases.

So now it’s 2016 and social media is running the world. Who runs the world?! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and even, (wait for it…) Google+. What is a public relations specialist to do! Well first things first, don’t use Snapchat for corporate announcements. Just don’t.

No matter your press release’s intent – it’s all about choosing the right channel, especially now there’s so many to choose from.  Even with press releases, it isn’t about real-time marketing – it is right-time marketing (clever, right?!) Most importantly, identify the appropriate channel and ultimately, audience, to share your announcement. Who is your target audience – reporters, prospects, investors, shareholders, consumers, or friends and family?

For some companies, especially smaller businesses, Facebook serves more as a homepage than a social presence. If this is the case, more often than not, you should think “Facebook first” for your corporate communication strategy. Pro Tip: Add an image to your post! If you have a video – even better!

For larger companies, Twitter is your #1 frenemy. On Twitter, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. The media loves Twitter and any CCOs (aka Chief Communications Officer) worst nightmare is a viral tweet defaming their corporation. But if you want your press release to be read, shared, and covered by journalists – Twitter is your medium. Pro Tip: Don’t just post the headline & link. Make it relatable. Think of the channel and tweet something your target audience would actually retweet, click or favorite.

Naturally, companies now have LinkedIn to share company news and culture. LinkedIn is an excellent tool to leverage, especially if your company is high-profile and in the news frequently. Pro Tip: LinkedIn allows for more long-form copy and for your company to make a statement versus simply sharing the press release. I can’t wait to read what you say when you share this press release on your personal LinkedIn!

For the more socially-savvy companies, channel a bold approach, especially if you to have a bold announcement. Try implementing a multi-channel social media release. You can utilize multimedia functionalities, and potentially GIF’s, to garner attention to BIG announcements that deserve extra attention.

In short, don’t be afraid to think outside the press release box! After all, this is the Internet so anything is possible. Obviously, depending on the brand and audience – you can make it fun or even better, funny!

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Ignite Social Media is The Original Social Media Agency®, born in 2007 from the pioneering realization that social media could shake up the marketing world for good. Founders Lisa Braziel and Jim Tobin knew the realities of social media would require a whole new way of thinking for marketers. Their bold objective was simple: “To transform the world of marketing through social media.” Today, Ignite Social Media spans three offices across three states serving over 50 clients worldwide. We rock social media’s socks.

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