Force Friday Brand Conversations: Who Embraced their Inner Jedi versus Sith

This past week, #LaborDay and #LaborDayWeekend were both trending across the majority of social channels and brands, obviously, jumped in on the action. But let’s not forget that another hashtag was carrying a lot of clout throughout the weekend too: #ForceFriday. For those not (yet) enculturated, Force Friday took place this past weekend and was the first day that Star Wars fans could purchase memorabilia, gizmos, and toys connected to the upcoming release of the film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In other words, it’s geek frenzy but brands, both nerdy and not nerdy, weren’t afraid to jump in on the action. Here’s our round-up of which brands got into the conversation:

The Good:

While the relationship between geeks and Slurpees may now be co-opted by hardcore energy drinks, Slurpee still nailed this tweet. It was relevant to the target audience, the copy was clever, and the GIF featuring an insider reference to the Star Wars franchise is a great engagement play on Twitter. [br][br]

Our #client nailed it with this tweet. What #ForceFriday fanatic stuck at the office all day wouldn’t want to craft Darth Vader out of office supplies?

This tweet shows that Crocs just knows what’s up. By playing on hardcore Star Wars geekery and character debates, the brand landed themselves in the consideration set of a whole new alliance. The best part? They didn’t even lean on the hashtag to find relevancy with this audience. [br][br]

The Bad:


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Legotography and the image is fantastic but the copy is misaligned here. Those SHOULD be the fries you’re looking for. Understandably, there were some confused fan responses. Had this tweet played on another, more relevant, line from the Star Wars films, it would have been impeccable.

The Ugly:

While the Photoshopped lightsaber is clever, this post reads as too much of a stretch. What does the WWE really have to do with Star Wars or its #ForceFriday fans? In fact, the action figures released on Force Friday are directly competing against WWE action figures for shelf space. Sorry to say, the force was not strong with this tweet. [br][br]

Oye, Little Debbie, I do love those Cosmic Brownies but this tweet seems like it’s grasping for gravity in outer space. With a little more focus and relevancy to the #ForceFriday audience, this may have been more powerful.

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