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Facebook Promotions in News Feeds Are Not So Simple | Social You Should Know

Facebook promotions in News Feed, made legal this week, have some complications that few are talking about. Twitter goes for eCommerce and Facebook and Shutterstock give away millions of photos in this week’s social you should know.

Before we start, yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Mark Malmstead from our Dodge client. We talked about how the Dodge brand achieves its social media goals while using a small, concentrated paid media budget. We’ll have a recording for you next week, but you can take a look at the slides here in the meantime.

Facebook Promotions On News Feed Have Complications

As I emailed all of our clients on Wednesday, Facebook shocked the marketing world by suddenly allowing promotions to be administered on Facebook, where people can enter through likes, comments and messages. This is a big opportunity to increase engagement and do simple, low cost giveaways. But this infographic, while from a biased source, is pretty good at showing when you should and should not run promotions in the feed. There are many challenges, such as inability to see time stamps on likes, difficulty exporting large numbers of commenters, etc. that open promotions administrators to some risk. We go more in-depth on the implications of this new strategy in this week’s Social Conversation.

Twitter Hires EComm Chief to Boost Sales Its Platform

Twitter wants to make it easier to sell through its platform. Twitter Cards, give brands a platform to someday include a “buy” button, and the social network may partner with a payment firm, such as Square, to make the buying friction-less. Just this week, Twitter hired former Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard to figure this all out. However, in this interview with eCommerce Times, I raise some concerns about the types of selling that will and will not work on Twitter.

Shutterstock’s Photos Now Free to Use in Facebook Ads

Ads in the News Feed are now common. And photos in the News Feed do well for engagement. So naturally ads with photos should do better, but finding a large supply of photos affordably could be slowing some advertisers down. That’s why Facebook has partnered with Shutterstock to make millions of photos available for free to page admins. The photos are for use in ads, however, not in general unpaid updates. For those, you’re still on your own.

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  • carole price
    Posted at 06:26h, 01 September

    This is really interesting thank you for this update.

  • LocalSearchHQ
    Posted at 05:09h, 02 September

    Thanks to Shutterstock for partnering with Facebook and allowing photos to page admins for free.

  • Samantha
    Posted at 15:00h, 11 September

    I had no idea that Facebook had endorsed promotions within the news feed. Allowing organizations to advertise through likes, comments and message will create so much more advertising. While this is a pertinent and exciting in the world for companies to get their names out there, I am curious how every day Facebook users will react to even more advertising to sift through. I know you work with big names like Dodge, but do you think this type of advertising could work on a smaller scale? I am working on putting together a blog about how religious organizations can use social media to “brand” themselves in a sense.

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