Do Emojis Fit with Your Social Brand Voice?

Emojis have become a centerpiece in this new 21st century communication environment. In fact, as of 2015, 92% of the online population was using emojis. But for those who are not too familiar with emojis and how they work, allow us to catch you up on what they are and if they’re right for your brand voice.

What are Emojis?

Emojis are the various small images or icons that are used to express an emotion or represent an item. They are used to express emotions like happiness, love, sadness, and anger. They can also be utilized to express objects, like apples, cars, and pizza. They can add a visual element that makes your content more fun and engaging than the regular text copy.

Do Emojis Match Your Social Brand Voice?

Now the big question, does using emojis in your content match with your social brand voice? After all, it’s been proven that users respond better to brands that use emojis in their content or responses. It honestly depends on your brand.

Some brands can be playful and utilize emojis that match their personality, like the Luvs example below. Using emojis like 😴 and 😳 show the real life of a parent with kids.

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Other brands can utilize emojis that match what product they are trying to sell, like Domino’s and the use of the 🍕 emoji. When you can find an emoji that matches your brand so well, it would be foolish not to use it.

But of course, sometimes emojis don’t make sense for your brand. For example, Lenovo uses few emojis in their content strategy because they know their target audience and are trying to show a very professional and knowledgeable brand voice, something that emojis can take away from.

Emojis on Different Channels

The type of social media channel you’re posting to can also impact whether your brand should use emojis. Some channels, like Twitter and Instagram, favor the use of emojis. Other channels, like Facebook, show less emoji usage in content. We have to show some #client love to the Outer Banks Visitor Bureau for their effective use of emojis across channels.

Don’t show links in blog, just for reference of where image is.

At the end of the day, the decision to use emojis as a brand should be decided at the social media strategy level. You should decide what your brand personality is, what channels you will focus on, and whether emojis make sense on those platforms. Remember, the idea behind emojis is to improve and elevate the social media voice of your brand, and should be utilized when the time is right.

Need help in discovering your brand’s personality? Or perhaps you know it and need help in figuring out if emojis match your content. Give us a call anytime and we’d be happy to assist you! 😉

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