Social Media Consultant

Do You Need a Social Media Consultant?

Now, we may be biased, but whether you’re a small business or an established corporation, social media marketing is a vital marketing channel. However, you may be a one man show with not enough time to dedicate to social media or haven’t jumped on the bandwagon because you’re not exactly sure where to start. In either situation, you may consider hiring a social media consultant.

Social Media Consultant

Over the past 11 years, we’ve noticed a growing trend of companies bringing their marketing resources in house. According to an eMarketer report…

• 68% of client-side of Marketers currently or plan to have in-house resources
• 58% of in-house teams are comprised of just one or two resources
• 29% say that the biggest channels facing in-house social team is measuring ROI followed by tying social to business goals and securing resources for social.

At Ignite, we have rolled out flexible service offerings to meet the needs of your in-house support team.

Ignite Extend & Ignite Accelerate

We’ve heard from clients that they need additional support, need an outside perspective or need specific social skill sets. These options are built to provide flexible support on a month to month basis from our team of expert. Whether you are looking for strategic guidance or execution needs like publishing or content creation both options are great options.

Surge Support

This option is flexible service is ideal for product launches, campaigns or the dreaded PR crisis. We provide short term, on-demand support right when you need it.

Night Owl

For this option, our team of highly trained community managers provides night and weekend coverage on your company’s channels.

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