Creep on Creepin’ on: The Creepiest Social Media Networks

It’s Halloween and the costumes aren’t the only things creepy around here. Check out which social networks give us the heebie jeebies.


I was once a user of Foursquare, until Girls Around Me showed up and ruined it for everyone. The since-banned app scanned your surroundings, found the girls who checked in on Foursquare near you and ultimately allowed you to figure out who they were and “turned your town into a dating paradise.”

Yes, I’m sure there are moments where guys around me could see where I am by reading my tweets. However, it’s extremely creepy for someone to access my exact location and then seek out to find me. *shivers*


Oh, so Greg McGregerson from a PR company in Romania has been looking at my profile, eh? I wonder what he thought – she looks like a good candidate for a PR job in eastern Europe… or maybe a better candidate for stealing her organs!

Dearest LinkedIn users who creep on profiles without sending a note – I’m not sure I know what you’re doing here. Maybe I applied for a job with you and now you’re trying to see if I’m a good fit, but I turned out not to be? If this is the case, perhaps you should change your settings so that you can be anonymous and I’m not weirded out (or perhaps misled?) by you mysteriously checking out my profile.


While some may argue that Snapchat isn’t technically a “social media platform,” I beg to differ. Most Snapchat users treat it like Facebook for more pointless posts, and with the addition of Stories, it’s becoming closer and closer to being more than a nudie pic vessel.

So why is Snapchat creepy? That’s where Reddit comes in. They’ve already created a subreddit where they exchange Snapchat user names with strangers. Creep level = 10.

Still not convinced? It’s icon is a freakin’ ghost. That’s creepy.

Did I miss a creepy social media network? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Jason
    Posted at 10:51h, 01 November

    Honestly all social media sites a have a bit of a creep factor to them. Unless a person has certain privacy settings in place any can log in and get a glimpse of their life…very creepy!

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