What Brands Should Focus on in 2018

We had no time to settle back into work after the holidays, when Facebook made their first 2018 announcement. It consisted of a, you guessed it, Facebook Newsfeed algorithm change!

Facebook announced that they’ll be optimizing the Newsfeed so that users see more content from their friends and less from brands. While the change happened immediately (thanks for the warning Mark 😉), we won’t know every impact of this change for a while. However, we do have some immediate suggestions as we start crossing off days in 2018.

  1. Create content that starts a conversation

Continue to encourage conversations with your content. We’re anticipating that with more comments, the more likely your posts have a chance to continue to show up in your fans Newsfeed. As you’re planning your content in 2018, consider making more quality content that asks for user’s participation. Ask questions your audience feels passionate about and make them feel like the experts.

Just one word of caution, make sure you have a community manager prepared to reply back to all those comments!

  1. Make more videos

SocialMediaToday.com shared 50 Video Marketing Statistics for 2017, see a few bulleted below:

  • 55% of people consume videos thoroughly – the highest amount of all types of content
  • 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers in the future
  • 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product rather than reading about it

All the numbers add up to indicate that video is a big deal & it’s only getting more important. You don’t have to buy an expensive camcorder; your phone should do the trick!

  1. Tell your story on IG

Early on in 2017, Instagram stories surpassed usage of Snapchat according to Statista. In 2018, we expect Instagram stories to continue to be consumed. We’ve worked with several clients on their Instagram strategy and channel management and we’ve seen encouragingly high numbers of engagement. Consider this year sharing some behind-the-scenes into your company, sharing a special deal or driving people to swipe up to a specific product page.

These are the tactics we’re suggesting brands focus on as we’re roughly 23 days into 2018 but we still have 11 more months + a few days to go and we expect to wake up to a few more announcements that will change the course of our year on social.

If you wake up to an announcement in the next few months and you’re looking around wondering what to do next, reach out.

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