The Best of This Summer’s Social Media

Ah, August. The month where we’re all wrapping up our own summer plans, and basking in the last of the long and hot days of the year. When you’re in the world of social media, you’re likely also finishing up your summer content and campaigns. It seems like we were just looking forward to starting in on this new season, yet now we’re looking to wrap it all up.

Summer gives the marketing world a fun boost of energy with fresh looks and feels, driven by inspiring content, new sweepstakes, and edgy campaigns. While there were plenty of interesting brands to choose from, we’ve gathered a few of the biggest and boldest that made a splash during Summer 2017.

Halo Top Golden Seal Sweepstakes  

To celebrate 5 years on the market, Halo Top ice cream launched the Golden Seal sweepstakes. Five pints had a special golden seal that earned the lucky winners a trip for two to Maui, $5,000 to spend at the grocery store, and a chance to give back to their local Make-A-Wish chapter.

The best part? They even rewarded the “losers” with this sweepstakes. If you didn’t get a golden seal, you simply had to upload a selfie of your regular seal with #HaloTopGoldenSeal for a chance to win prize packs. That particular hashtag had over 2,000 uses, meaning there were plenty of Halo Top fans hoping for one last chance at a win.

Malibu Rum’s #BecauseSummer Campaign

Malibu Rum is a coconut liquor that just screams summer, so they’d be silly to not deliver a huge marketing push during this season. They launched the #BecauseSummer campaign to inspire millennials to embrace the high temperatures, beaches, bikinis, and crazy adventures that this season offers — the content on their Instagram page features influencers and UGC posts that show just that. With over 12,000 posts with the #BecauseSummer hashtag so far, they’re clearly getting millennials excited about the season and celebrating it with Malibu.








Delta’s Positive Publicity Train

Sometimes you can make the most impact not by campaigns or contests, but by managing your community the right way. With all the drama surrounding airlines these days, we have to give it to Delta. So far they’ve avoided any major scandals and have actually had more positive publicity in 2017. Their biggest win came in July, when Ann Coulter sent out a series of tweets about getting bumped from her seat on a flight. You have likely heard all about it, but if you haven’t you can easily catch up on that drama here.

Delta could have never planned for an event like this one, but their response was handled promptly, simply, and effectively. We can imagine there was plenty of back and forth about how to respond from higher ups, but when time is of the essence on social media, you don’t have the luxury of second guessing for too long. In the end they were applauded on Twitter for standing up to her and for standing up for their fellow passengers.


ASOS’ Influencer Splash

Swimsuit season made a big impact this year. And while all not brands got a win, some brands did it right. ASOS has been encouraging influencer and UGC content on Instagram with their #AsSeenOnMe push for some time now, but it certainly gathered more attention this season as influencers were all pining after a one piece suit.


This is genius for a lot of reasons. Clothing brands have been under the spotlight in the last few years over their choice in models. Having models that are diverse in look is no longer just encouraged, it’s practically required. So what could be better than seeing real woman, in real environments, with real followers rocking your product? The reach and brand loyalty grows with each #AsSeenOnMe post, and with over 500,000 posts so far and nearly 70,000 followers on their AsSeenOnMe Instagram, they’re clearly on the right path.









From ice cream to airlines, that wraps up a few of our summer campaign favorites. Don’t think it’s time to sit back and relax, though — you know what’s next! Our Community Managers and Content Producers are already deep into planning for fall and holiday content. Bring on the pumpkins and turkeys!


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