Ignite Your Week: Facebook Algorithms

In this edition of Ignite Your Week, we’re talking about benchmarks before the impending Facebook algorithm change. So before the change we wanted to take a look at some benchmarks so we could compare once the algorithm actually takes effect. We looked at over six thousand posts in 2017 across 25 different pages and found that organic fan reach percent for video posts is about 2%, link content is about 3.5%, and photo content is at 2.7%. For engagement rates, we’re looking at a range of 1-3% for video posts, 2-3% for link posts, and 2.5%-6% for photo posts.

Personally, I’ve been wondering how long this tug-of-war is between investor/advertiser interests versus user interests is going to last until Facebook rolls out some sort of Hulu-style premium ad-free subscription model. Whether or not users will pay for this is another topic for another day.

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