New Features for Snapchat Location Ads

Snapchat has stepped up its ad game in terms of trying to show brands that their platform can get people to physical locations. Snapchat location ads have been around for about a year, but they recently added additional features for brick and mortar locations.

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Snapchat Location Ads

Just in case you are not familiar with Snapchat locations ads, these ads are meant to help drive people to visit specific retail locations. There are two components to locations ads: location category filter and radius targeting. The location category filter enables advertisers to target based on different types of locations. These locations can be places like the beach or universities. Snapchat has over 150 location categories to choose from in the US.


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The other option for Snapchat location ads is to use radius-targeting. Radius targeting lets marketers target audiences based on a specific address or latitude/longitude pair. Locations can add or exclude a particular area around an address or point of interest.

New Features for Location Ads

One of the exciting new features that Snapchat has added to location ads is retargeting previous visitors to their stores. In addition to retargeting past visitors, brands can also create lookalike audiences based on those visitors. The retargeting can get granular in terms of setting the frequency of past visits, as well as the time frame. For privacy measures, Snapchat has made it clear that user location data is not shared with advertisers and that users must opt-in to share their locations and can opt-out of targeting. If you are trying to reach a younger audience and have brick-and-mortar locations, Snapchat location ads are definitely worth testing.

Reporting for Snapchat Location Ads

The reporting that comes with these types of ads is really interesting. These insights are listed in the Ads Manager platform under ‘Foot Traffic’. Included in the dashboard are demographic information like their age, gender, and interests of those who have visited a particular location. Using these insights to compare actual visitors to your target audience can help determine if your message is resonating.

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