5 Brands to Learn from on Snapchat

Snapchat, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. This app is exploding as one of the most popular social media tools out there. So of course brands are jumping at the opportunity to use it. But just like any other social channel, some brands are using Snapchat fantastically and some are flopping. Let’s see what some of the brands using Snapchat successfully are doing.

Warby Parker @warbyparker

At Warby Parker, Snapchat is used for various marketing initiatives. But the two things that Warby has done amazingly well is the usage of Snapchat for exclusive product offerings and behind-the-scenes content. They recently offered their followers the opportunity to purchase exclusive sunglasses by providing a unique URL on their story. They also regularly use Snapchat to show off events happening around the office, even going as far as to make entire content series. One of their most popular ones is called “Desk Job” where they highlight employee workspaces.

GrubHub @grubhub

GrubHub was one of the first adopters of Snapchat, with a presence on the platform ever since late 2013. What sets them apart from others is how they use the platform. Rather than a one-way interaction of producing content, they strive to build a community and constantly interact with fans. They actively send out Snapchat messages that require responses for exclusive coupons, contests, giveaways, and promotional codes. They quickly became famous for being one of the only brands to interact with almost every single Snapchat message sent to them, a commitment that earned them a finalist spot in the Shorty Awards.

NARS Cosmetics @NARSissist

NARS Cosmetics found a great use for Snapchat by using it to tease a new product launch, its upcoming Guy Bourdin color cosmetic collection. They even took this one step further by cross-promoting this big reveal on their company Twitter and Instagram accounts. The reveal ultimately was only available for users who added “NARSissist” as a friend on Snapchat before a set time, thus resulting in a large number of people adding them as a friend.


Taco Bell @tacobell

Taco Bell has always been famous for utilizing the newest social media tools and trends to reach their audience. Their eye for creative and funny content has attracted millions to their social profiles, especially millennials, who happen to be the core of Snapchat’s audience. So why not bring this humorous content to Snapchat? During Cinco de Mayo, Taco Bell and Snapchat teamed up to bring you an amazing filter that turned you into a taco, with all the fixings. This not only showed how to effectively market on a holiday, but also how you can use Snapchat filters to build brand awareness.


Lowe’s Home Improvement @LowesDIY

And of course we need to show some #client love for Lowe’s as they continue to utilize Snapchat beautifully. This platform has proven to be a great tool for Lowe’s to share DIY content, home improvement tips, and home inspiration photos. They also have used it in innovative ways, such as having interactive snaps that are almost like a “Build You Own Adventure.” They’ve even used the platform to launch brand new content series, a great example being their Dos & Don’ts” of Home Improvement. They truly understand their audience and have tailored their Snapchat strategy to resonate more with them.


These are just a few of our top picks for brands that have figured out the secrets to Snapchat success. The two biggest takeaways from these brands are 1) Understanding your audience and 2) Never being afraid to try something new.

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