Khoros honest review

Khoros as a Social Media Management Tool: Our Honest Review

Are you looking for a social media management tool to help you with your online marketing? If so, you may have come across Khoros. In this article, we’ll take an honest look at Khoros and give you our thoughts on whether or not it’s worth using for your business.

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Khoros honest review

Let’s Check Out Khoros as a Social Media Management Tool 

Khoros takes pride in focusing on its digital-first approach toward customer engagement, and the product seems very comparable to other social media management tools. Their website showcases they’ve worked with brands like VISA, Microsoft, GM, HP, Samsung, and more, which can help strengthen confidence for more prominent brands who need a tool to achieve their goals. 

Some customer success stories on the website include Austin Pets Alive! saved $50K in less than a year with Khoros. Unfortunately, they did not have any social media management case studies available, which is what we would have liked to see from some of these notable brands.  

Their tool breaks down into these main areas of concentration to help brands:  

  • Customer Engagement Platform – Digital-first, an omnichannel platform built for enterprises. 
  • Contact Center – Agent efficiency, automation, and operational insights. 
  • Community Engagement – Self-service support, education, and collaboration. 
  • Social Media Management – Content management, publishing, and governance.   
  • CX Insights – A unified, actionable view for world-class CX.  

They offer plenty of additional products within those areas and services and have a lot of solutions that may appeal to some more than others. That’s where we’re hoping these reviews can come in, so they can assist you with knowing which tools you should check out and why they make sense for your brand or business. 

Khoros solutions 

On top of their focus areas, Khoros offers the following products to add to your custom platform to help you accomplish additional needs, such as:  

  • Brand Communities – Create a space for customers to get answers, connect with peers, and share new ideas. 
  • Messaging – Connect with customers on SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. 
  • Social & Reviews – Protect your brand and drive loyalty across social media and review sites.   
  • Modern Chat – Chat with customers in real-time or anytime on your website. 
  • Chatbot – Start the conversation with automation, increase agent efficiency, triage, and more.  
  • Social Marketing – Orchestrate social campaigns that drive business results.  
  • Experiences – Find, curate, and share the best social media content.  
  • Social Listening – Understand social trends from customers, the market, and competitors.  

By the way, if you need some support for creating customer service strategies on social media, this article is for you!  

What Impressed Me

It can be tricky to offer numerous integrations with numerous social media platforms and options for technology or data integrations, so I was surprised to see how many options Khoros offers in this area. This can be a crucial decision maker when you’re dwindling down on SMM tool choices and need to find an edge on any candidates. 
You can find the entire list of their integration options here, but these are some notable ones that stood out:  

  • Major Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube 
  • Text Messaging Platforms – Google Business Messages, Apple Messages for Business, and WhatsApp 
  • Review Sites or Platforms – Google My Business, Google Play Store, Apple iOS App Store, and Facebook Reviews 
  • Technology/Data Platforms – Adobe, Bitly, Brandwatch, Google Analytics, HubSpot, several Salesforce options, Yelp, and Zendesk 

Another area that greatly piqued my interest in Khoros was their CX Insights. It allows several data points to be accumulated to find weak spots in a customer’s journey in certain contact divisions by connecting them. 

If it’s essential to your brand to keep improving the customer experience, this could be a valuable tool to consider. 

It uses some data points such as: 

  • Channel Breakdown  
  • Average Duration Time 
  • Topic Analysis  
  • Topic Focus  
  • Issues 
  • Emotion  
  • Context 
  • Significant Terms  
  • Sentiment Breakdown  
  • Total Contacts Made (by Team Member) 

Khoros pricing details  

Unfortunately, I could not find any resources on the pricing of Khoros, and it appears to be gated information, meaning you would need to set up a demo. 

When I checked for free trial options, I couldn’t find anything. If Khoros seems promising to your team, I recommend setting up a demo as your first starting point and moving forward from there. 

When Khoros Makes Sense for Your Brand  

Khoros seems to be a better fit for enterprise-level brands. Their ability to unify information across teams (such as a social media reactive team and call center team) is worth noting. If you find your brand needing options to considerably scale your social media marketing efforts, this could also be a strong fit. 

As a larger brand, you will likely have more inbound volume, and this is where some of their automation options might be able to help keep things under control. This can be a significant point given that many employers are having to cover extra areas with unexpected employee turnover, so the ability to have some automation streamline things might be what your team needs. 

Since the pricing is not shared openly, it’s hard to know if a medium-sized business or smaller could even consider this tool as an option.

As a Recap 

Khoros is a social media management tool with lots of abilities to offer its customers. They stand out by trying to be an omnichannel platform that is an ideal fit for enterprises. The platform provides solutions to meet different needs and access to third-party integrations.  

With any tool, it’s important to examine potential weak points so that you can address that if you move forward with them. Since the pricing is not openly shared, it’s difficult to know if it can fall into your budget range without scheduling a demo, and pricing will most likely fluctuate with what you need the platform to do. 

This appears to be a better fit for larger/enterprise brands with several points of contact for their customers and could unite that information using appropriate data points to obtain insights to continue improving your customer’s experience. 

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