Ignite’s Travels are a Mystery… Can You Figure It Out?

UPDATED: Congrats to Tena Moore who guessed where we were going. See the picture below of her “grand” prize. Tena, we’re shipping this to you today.

As many of you know, Brogan & Partners is incubating Ignite Social Media, which has been tremendously helpful. Now, the Ignite team has been invited to participate in Brogan’s long-standing “Mystery Trip” tradition and, heck yeah, we’re going.Mystery Trip

On Friday, May 2 and Monday, May 5, we’ll be closed. Here’s how it works. Really, really early on Friday, the whole team (7 of us now at Ignite) and the whole Brogan team (around 50 people) will be heading to the airport. Only then will we learn where we’re going from the one person who set it all up. (Seriously, I have no idea… None.) We’ll return late on May 5th and be back at work on the 6th bright and early.

It’s a wonderful employee benefit, but it’s not frivolous. Brogan has less than 5% employee turnover and we want Ignite to do the same (so far, so good… 0%!). Past trips have included: London, a Caribbean cruise, San Antonio, Amsterdam, Reykjavik (yes, in Iceland), and Washington (DC), among others.

So, wanna help us guess where we’re going? Let’s use the wisdom of crowds! Here are the clues we’ve gotten so far:

  1. Mystery Trip clue # 1: There is nothing like sleeping under the trees.
  2. Mystery Trip clue # 2: This is no lie, you’re going to love it, hands down!
  3. Mystery Trip clue # 3: Bring your hip.

Here’s what else I can tell you: A) We know it’s in the United States. B) The clues are designed to throw you off. They’ll be technically correct, but likely nearly impossible to figure out… So play along. I’ll Twitter where we’re heading on Friday morning, so follow me at twitter.com/jtobin.

Leave YOUR guess in the Comments. First one to get it right (if anyone does), I’ll mail you a cheap souvenir of some kind from our destination.

And here’s the souvenir.

Tacky Miami Flamingo

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