How to Use Instagram’s New Quiz Stickers in Stories

It’s no secret that Instagram Stories are all the rage these days. In fact, there are now over 500 million active daily users on Stories alone and that number is expected to continue increasing. Stories are a fun and quick way to share content on Instagram without having all the pressure of creating that perfect Instagram aesthetic the content you post to your page demands. For brands, one of the most beneficial parts of Instagram Stories is the ability to interact and engage with your audience in fun ways using stickers, GIFs, polls, music, etc.

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Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker

Instagram Stories’ newest feature is the Quiz Sticker and it’s now available to everyone. Here are some quick tips on how they work and how your brand can capitalize on them starting today.

1. Open a new Story and click the Stickers option to find the Quiz Sticker.

2. Ask a question and create up to four options for answers.

Instagram Stories quiz sticker
  • Question character limit: 52
  • Answer character limit: 45
  • Remember, this is different than a poll because it needs to have a correct answer. If you want people to do things like vote on their favorites, another sticker would be a better option.
  • You can change the color of the Quiz Sticker by tapping the color wheel at the top during creation
  • Make sure to tap the correct answer to your question (it will turn green) before hitting “Done.”

Pro Tip: You can use emojis in your question and answers!

3. Post and enjoy!

Now that your quiz is live, have fun watching the answers come in. You could even do a follow-up post showing what percentage of people answered correctly to further the engagement.

4. Keep ’em going!

This is such a fun and easy feature for brands to use, so don’t forget to use them often! You could have weekly trivia with your fans about all kinds of things in relation to your brand – fun facts about the company, interesting industry info, statistics, and more. People love guessing and engaging with these simple quizzes.

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