An A to Z List by Country of Woman Influencers to Follow

Commemorating the movement for women’s rights, International Women’s Day falls on March 8th every year. Coming from a woman owned agency, it’s only fitting that we take a moment to recognize women from around the globe. Starting at A and heading down to Z we’ve highlighted an assortment of knowledgeable women influencers to learn from.

Australia: Vanessa Anderson – Cake Style

Need an idea for my next bday cake? I’ll take this guy, thanks

Adorable cakes, I mean, SUPER adorable cakes. Check out their YouTube channel for these amazingly adorable (did I stress how adorable these are yet?) cakes.

Bulgaria: Denina Martin – Purely Me

A fashion influencer with content on her blog and Instagram that is filled with beautiful images. Love the fresh and clean style she has that comes through in every photo.

Canada: Sam Turnbull – It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

A vegan blog with a great title, my recommendation is to watch her recipe videos. She has a great sense of humor, lots of energy and some yummy looking recipes.

Denmark: Monja Wormser – Mowblog

A fashion and travel influencer, Monja’s content on Instagram is stunning. Her clearly defined color palette keeps me scrolling to see the next outfit or location that she’s visiting.

Egypt: Ayshah Kamel

Please ship me these jeans and that shirt, thanks

Displaying her fashion stylings, #TheVeiledAK has flare and sophistication. Her smile is infectious, it’s hard not to smile back at the screen scrolling through her photos.

France: Lesia Odobetska – The Best Destinations

If you need me, I’ll be here, bye guys

I’m starting to sound like a broken record but stunning photos are where it’s at. This travel influencer knows how to make you wish you were there with one image. Her account also features photography from other travelers to give you a wide range of perspectives.

Greece: Eleni Psyllaki  – My Paradissi

It’s totally okay for an adult to have these, right?

Looking for some interior design ideas? Check out Eleni’s blog for some great ideas. She has a lot of great Etsy spotlights that make it hard for you not to click on over to purchase.

Hungary: Lídia Gulyás – Lidia On The Road

Lidia is out there chasing adventures and providing us with the inspiration to do the same. Browsing through her Instagram you’re provided with words to live by that are set in beautiful scenes. Makes you want to dust off your passport.

Ireland: Thass Teak – Family Off Duty

We love traveling but what about traveling with children? Take a peek at Thass’ blog for tips to traveling with your kiddos and also find some great suggestions on where to take them.

Japan: Jennifer Bachdim

Maybe this will give me motivation to work out?

Wearing multiple hats as most influencers tend to do, Jennifer is a model, blogger, YouTube creator as well as a mother & wife. Hop on over to her blog for some work outs, fashion and beauty advice…and there’s a shopping tab.

Kenya: Matildah – Fashion Wizardry

With a passion for fashion and beauty, Matildah has some great advice to share with her subscribers. Her videos start out with an inspirational message and then go right into what you need to know to feel great.

Lithuania: Kotryna Bass

With the want to help empower others to blog and share their own stories, Kotryna offers blogging tips and design services as well as some free resources. On top of it all, she shares her own stories and some pretty great content.

Malta: Elenora Abela – Home Hyggelig Home

I would like Elenora to redecorate my house please

With an Etsy shop providing delightful prints you can purchase for your home, head on over to her Instagram and you’ll find yourself stuck scrolling. Her style is inspired by Nordic Design with every image clean and styled perfectly.

Norway: Muffin and Johan

No list of mine would be complete without a pet influencer.  I shall introduce you to the adorable bunnies that have more followers on Instagram than I will ever have, say hello to Muffin and Johan. Wait, there is more, want to teach your bunny to high-five? We’ve got you covered.

Oman: Mayya – The Sewist

A workout junkie, bookworm, crafter and makeup lover, Mayya was the first Omani woman to start a YouTube channel in 2009. She also contributes as a monthly columnist for Y Magazine for “The Voice of Oman”.

Poland: Kinga Matusiewicz – Kuchenny Kodeks

BRB going to learn Polish (no joke, I’ve always wanted to)

For this one, you will have to know Polish but I couldn’t pass up highlighting this influencer. Her food photos make me want to run to the kitchen and…just kidding, they make me want to travel to Poland and ask her to cook for me.

Qatar: Lenny – Luckily Lenny

A compilation of random thoughts that breakdown into travel, food, fashion and lifestyle, Luckily Lenny is a blog that strives to encourage and bring positivity to its readers.

Russia: Sofia Filippova – Sonchicc

Follow the travels of Sofia on her Instagram channel and delight in the colorful photos that make you want to hop on a plane. Though the content is in Russian, her location tags are enough to help you book that next trip.

Sweden: Maria Pettersson – Pilot Maria

Speaking of planes. Here is an airline pilot and a lifestyle influencer named Maria who shares all her adventures broken down into two diaries on her blog. Take a trip on over to her Instagram account to smile along with her on her journeys.

Turkey: Katharina Boden – Black.White.Vivid

Never thought I’d want a plum pie but I do now

Follow along with Katharina for delicious stories, magical travel guides and dishes around the world with a vegan focus. Her imagery can be described by using the title of her blog and I can’t get enough of it.

United States: Sarah Fennel – Broma Bakery

Bringing us to my home state of Michigan, and talking about my favorite thing (food) let’s look at the yummy pictures that Sarah has to share with us. Her style is clean, crisp and there’s a really cute cat that makes an appearance every so often that is just delightful. Check out her blog for recipes and much more like a class on how to take great food photos.

Vietnam: Maz Kwok – Be a Crafter

Looking for some crafty ideas? Fan of knitting? Maz has some great projects on her blog and also provides free patterns on her second site which she links to in her posts.

Yemen: Afrah Nasser

While not our typical highlighted influencer who has influence in a field such as tech, food or fashion Afrah is an influencial woman who speaks out for the rights of others. Her blog tells the untold stories of Yemen and she’s received many awards for her journalism.

Zimbabwe: Nyasha Mavu – Style Squad Zimbabwe

With a passion to share African fashion, brands and trends to the rest of the world, Nyasha does so providing discount on the products she uses. She’s got a great style and love the smile!

There you have your A to Z list of influencers by country, I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing. Were there any influencer countries that were missed that one of your favorite influencers hail from? Let us know in the comments. Or if you’re looking to activate in any of these countries and need some help, reach out to us, we’re happy to help!


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